Friday, October 18, 2013

2nd week in MTC: sprained ankle

Celestial Floors of MTC:

Before I continue on to the awesome of this last week, I'd like to share a little story. District 4-D resides on, and also is taught on, the "Celestial" floors of their buildings, meaning both their classroom and their residences are on the very top floors. This means that District 4-D has to work the hardest to reach their destination; they have to climb many flights of stairs. But they will be blessed with strength, being able to run and not be weary, to walk and not be faint, to develop calves even as mighty as the mountains that surround them. Truly it is a blessing that District 4-D is so privileged. District 4-D, when on the "Celestial" floor, is also privileged to have the greatest teacher, so they often make haste to be at class on time. But sometimes when they try to ascend too fast they may stumble, losing some of their blessings, because of hastiness. Plus, that can also lead to a sprained ankle. Yes, I sprained my ankle on the stinking MTC stairs. I just wanted it to sound less lame. Hence the whole metaphor with the Celestial Kingdom.


Healing Power of Prayer:

On to the awesome! This week, before the sprain (which is minor by the way, no worries), I was feeling quite sick. I had a splitting headache, and I couldn't eat because I felt nauseous. In the middle of the day, I decided to pray for health. As I was praying, my headache started to ebb, and my stomach started to calm. I felt much better, and I thanked my God for this tiny miracle. What I found most amazing though, was that I could still feel the sickness. It was still there, but it was being heavily suppressed, as if some force were holding it back. I didn't feel pain from it, but I felt a pressure lingering from the sickness. I know that I felt this way because my Heavenly Father needed me to realize that I must always remember His hand in all things. I believe I received this odd miracle as a reminder to always thank Him.

An Apostle Visits:

Elder Dallin H. Oaks and his wife came to speak to the MTC last Tuesday for a devotional. What an inspired man! As he got up to the pulpit to speak, I was struck with a very real impression that this man was called of God. I had never noticed it before, but when one of God's Apostles gets up to speak, if you really pay attention, you can feel the power emanating from the keys they hold, and from the Priesthood that they worthily exercise.

Elder Oaks gave a very structured talk on the three distinguishing principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, namely that we have the fullness of the gospel, the power of the priesthood, and a unique testimony of Jesus Christ. This part of the talk, because it spoke of the joy of the restored gospel, really was a good reminder of why missionary work is so important, especially in these latter days. Elder Oaks also counseled the missionaries in the work, advising them not to look down on other churches, but to embrace the small truths one could find in all of them, and using those to connect with those of other faiths. His message overall focused on looking for the good in all things, and sharing the joy of our own knowledge. I'm excited to exercise his advice in the field! 

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