Monday, February 24, 2014

Parent Pay Day.....

The language is coming a lot better. I understand almost everything people say, although it takes me a little while to process it, because there are some big grammar differences. Also, I'm speaking a lot better too, but it's still quite fragmented. 

This last week, Elder Dup and I went on splits with the Zone Leaders. He went with Elder Pessoa, and I went with Elder Wadsworth (guess who's American and who's Brazilian). Elder Wadsworth is pretty dang awesome. Also, he looks a lot like a mini Brandon (it's sorta weird). We had a real good time, even though we only had one appointment that didn't fall through. 

When I spoke Portuguese, he was surprised with my progress of the language! He told me that if I ever complained about how slowly the language is coming, he would beat me over the head, because the language came a lot slower for him! I'm going to credit my blessing with the language from all of the prayers back home.

 I know they have helped me a lot. I know God wants me to succeed! I've been reading my patriarchal blessing recently, and it says some stuff about some work I have to do. I'm pretty sure it'll be here in the mission, because I feel like I'm learning a lot faster than I ever have in my life. 

Never in my life have I been able to do things that I am beginning to do here in the mission. I know that God is preparing me, and even though I don't know why or for what purpose, I'm really glad that He's doing it. 

Also, in the blessing, it says that my knowledge of the gospel came from goodly parents and from inspired teachers. Thanks Dad and Mom! Both of your examples helped prepare me for this mission! There isn't much I can do to thank you out here, but just know that I love both of you very much, and I'm extremely grateful that I was able to have you two as parents!

Oh, and one last thing! I probably will be able to see that Lego movie sometime, because our President allows us to watch one Disney or Dreamworks movie per P-day! I'm glad that you liked it!

With Love,

Elder Bishop

"Sweet Mercy Hot Water"

Well, we've been working with the area for a long time, and it seems to be picking up. I think the members are finally getting excited about the work, because of the example of Carlinhos and Claudiane! We've been working with them for a long time now, and finally, their marraige is on the horizon! It'll be this next week, and afterwards will be the party that our Relief Society President set up. 

Also, we have set up a solid date for their baptism. It will be on March first! Both Carlinhos and Claudiane are set in stone for this date. I'm super excited for it!

In other news for the week, we had Zone Conference on Thursday, so one of our days was basically completely eaten up. Conference lasted until 5:00, and clean-up lasted until 6:00(Yes, we had to clean up) and the drive back to our area took another hour, so we didn't arrive until7:00! We only got in two hours of work.

 Conference was awesome though, and it was a good learning experience (at least from everything that I was able to understand). Zone Conference and District meetings here are a little different in this mission though, because there is ten or eleven zones, and a bagazillion districts. So, a District meeting is actually with the Zone, and a Zone Conference is with half of the mission. This means that at Zone Conference I got to see some friends from the MTC that were in my Zone there, which was really fun.

Also this week, Elder Dup and I had splits with our Zone Leaders. It was awesome! Our Zone Leaders are super cool, and they're really good missionaries. Plus, I got to go to their apartment, which has hot water (sweet mercy, hot water!). 

Anyways, the split went quite well, and it was nice to get to know some of the other missionaries: two other missionaries in our zone live in the ZL apartment, and much of the work we did that day was baptismal interviews with investigators of other missionaries.

. I also got to talk with the Stake President, who is American! It felt good to talk to someone in English (since all the American Elders here have a hidden code to only speak Portuguese with eachother). I also got to learn more about the Stake, which may be useful if I ever serve in any of the other wards here in Estaca Litoral. Anyway, that was my week.
Atê maís, gente!

Monday, February 17, 2014


There isn't too much to report this week, except for our experience in the Centro district (also the fact that I wasn't lying in bed sick half the week). We went there again this week for more stuff with the marriage. Carlinhos, Claudiane and our Bishop, along with us, were all there to secure a date for the marraige. Elder Dup and I arrived a little early to get the paperwork for them, but when we got to the civil office where they had the paperwork for that stuff, we found it packed! There was so many people. Including five other missionary couples that were trying to secure marraiges for their investigators too! Everyone and their dog was getting married that day. Even other investigators of the church! We had some fun chats with the other missionaries about their experiences with their investigators about the whole marraige thing. It was fun to hear how well other families were progressing. Everything took a little while to get processed, but it all went pretty smooth for everyone. Carlinhos and Claudiane were really happy. This is truth, guys! The gospel blesses families, really. See you all next week! Tchau! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Elder Bishop gets SICK!!!

First, from what everyone is saying, the States sound pretty chill right now! Heheheh. But seriously. All I hear now makes it sound like the U.S.A. is a big block of ice! What's happening guys?!
Also, everyone here is talking about record breaking floods happening all over Brazil. Hopefully by the end of my mission there will be a little part of America to return to! Nevertheless, the work goes on!

This week, Elder Dup and I traveled down to Fortaleza's Central district, to get a marraige set for Carlinhos and Claudiane. They're going to be married this week! They both are progressing super well, and I am very excited for the both of them. Also, our ward has done a wonderful job fellowshipping them, and our Relief Society President is organizing a ward party for them, to celebrate their marriage. We taught Carlinhos and Claudiane the Word of Wisdom this week, and though they both have troubles with it, they both are willing to keep it. This family is awesome!

Other than the progression of Carlinhos and his family, not much has happened this week. Mostly because I've been lying in bed with some mad crazy Brazilian sickness. You remember that worm I told you about? I think he's having a little too much fun down there, partying every night with Colon and his buddies. This week, Elder Dup and I are going to get some medicine to calm him down. 

Anyways, I'm out of time. See you all next week! Tchau!

Monday, February 3, 2014

More families to teach

This week was transfers (whoo!), and Elder Dup and I are staying together in the same area (double whoo!).
This last week, we got to see the Lord bless us for our work. If you've been keeping up with the letters, you'll know that Elder Dup and I have been struggling with finding people to teach (which is a little strange for this mission). Now, after the tiny trial, we're seeing the work explode here, in Ala Ômega! We are now teaching three families, and have a few other investigators besides them.
The Carlinhos family, one of the three, is progressing amazingly! Both Carlinhos and his wife have already recieved an answer (after praying once), and they both also came to church! This is probably one of the biggest problems we have with the work here; getting people to attend church. But they came, and their family had a wonderful time at church. Also, they have already set up a date to get married. Marriage is another problem, but it isn't as big. Many people simply don't get married here because of financial problems, but Elder Dup and I are going to pay for the Carlinhos' wedding (don't worry, it's a civil marraige, not very expensive, and Elder Dup's parents send him a bunch of money every week, so we're covered). They are on their way to baptism (which they are excited for!), and we talked about eternal families with them too. I bore my testimony about eternal families, and shared how I felt very blessed to be sealed to my family. Carlinhos and his wife were very excited about temple marriage. I will most definitely be gone to another area before they can get sealed, since they have to be members for a year before getting a temple recommend, but I look forward to the day when they are sealed as an eternal family. This is what we work for, peoples! God has a plan, and that plan is centered on the redemption and everlasting life of families, through the great Atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ! I know this is true! 
So, it was an awesome week! I have to go now, but first a few more things:
This week, our apartment flooded (twice!), and also, I may or may not have a tapeworm, inside my body, at this very moment (whoo!).
That is all.