Monday, February 3, 2014

More families to teach

This week was transfers (whoo!), and Elder Dup and I are staying together in the same area (double whoo!).
This last week, we got to see the Lord bless us for our work. If you've been keeping up with the letters, you'll know that Elder Dup and I have been struggling with finding people to teach (which is a little strange for this mission). Now, after the tiny trial, we're seeing the work explode here, in Ala Ômega! We are now teaching three families, and have a few other investigators besides them.
The Carlinhos family, one of the three, is progressing amazingly! Both Carlinhos and his wife have already recieved an answer (after praying once), and they both also came to church! This is probably one of the biggest problems we have with the work here; getting people to attend church. But they came, and their family had a wonderful time at church. Also, they have already set up a date to get married. Marriage is another problem, but it isn't as big. Many people simply don't get married here because of financial problems, but Elder Dup and I are going to pay for the Carlinhos' wedding (don't worry, it's a civil marraige, not very expensive, and Elder Dup's parents send him a bunch of money every week, so we're covered). They are on their way to baptism (which they are excited for!), and we talked about eternal families with them too. I bore my testimony about eternal families, and shared how I felt very blessed to be sealed to my family. Carlinhos and his wife were very excited about temple marriage. I will most definitely be gone to another area before they can get sealed, since they have to be members for a year before getting a temple recommend, but I look forward to the day when they are sealed as an eternal family. This is what we work for, peoples! God has a plan, and that plan is centered on the redemption and everlasting life of families, through the great Atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ! I know this is true! 
So, it was an awesome week! I have to go now, but first a few more things:
This week, our apartment flooded (twice!), and also, I may or may not have a tapeworm, inside my body, at this very moment (whoo!).
That is all. 

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