Monday, February 24, 2014

Parent Pay Day.....

The language is coming a lot better. I understand almost everything people say, although it takes me a little while to process it, because there are some big grammar differences. Also, I'm speaking a lot better too, but it's still quite fragmented. 

This last week, Elder Dup and I went on splits with the Zone Leaders. He went with Elder Pessoa, and I went with Elder Wadsworth (guess who's American and who's Brazilian). Elder Wadsworth is pretty dang awesome. Also, he looks a lot like a mini Brandon (it's sorta weird). We had a real good time, even though we only had one appointment that didn't fall through. 

When I spoke Portuguese, he was surprised with my progress of the language! He told me that if I ever complained about how slowly the language is coming, he would beat me over the head, because the language came a lot slower for him! I'm going to credit my blessing with the language from all of the prayers back home.

 I know they have helped me a lot. I know God wants me to succeed! I've been reading my patriarchal blessing recently, and it says some stuff about some work I have to do. I'm pretty sure it'll be here in the mission, because I feel like I'm learning a lot faster than I ever have in my life. 

Never in my life have I been able to do things that I am beginning to do here in the mission. I know that God is preparing me, and even though I don't know why or for what purpose, I'm really glad that He's doing it. 

Also, in the blessing, it says that my knowledge of the gospel came from goodly parents and from inspired teachers. Thanks Dad and Mom! Both of your examples helped prepare me for this mission! There isn't much I can do to thank you out here, but just know that I love both of you very much, and I'm extremely grateful that I was able to have you two as parents!

Oh, and one last thing! I probably will be able to see that Lego movie sometime, because our President allows us to watch one Disney or Dreamworks movie per P-day! I'm glad that you liked it!

With Love,

Elder Bishop

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