Monday, February 17, 2014


There isn't too much to report this week, except for our experience in the Centro district (also the fact that I wasn't lying in bed sick half the week). We went there again this week for more stuff with the marriage. Carlinhos, Claudiane and our Bishop, along with us, were all there to secure a date for the marraige. Elder Dup and I arrived a little early to get the paperwork for them, but when we got to the civil office where they had the paperwork for that stuff, we found it packed! There was so many people. Including five other missionary couples that were trying to secure marraiges for their investigators too! Everyone and their dog was getting married that day. Even other investigators of the church! We had some fun chats with the other missionaries about their experiences with their investigators about the whole marraige thing. It was fun to hear how well other families were progressing. Everything took a little while to get processed, but it all went pretty smooth for everyone. Carlinhos and Claudiane were really happy. This is truth, guys! The gospel blesses families, really. See you all next week! Tchau! 

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