Monday, October 27, 2014

Bringing Joy to Man

This week was pretty awesome, but also pretty down right rough. We had so many odd experiences that I don't even know where to start. However, I would like to say that we are continuing to see miracles. Mabye they aren't the type of miracles most convenient at this time, but they are miracles nonetheless.

Instead of telling you all the stuff that happened, I would like to tell all you guys a wonderfully and joyfully funny story that basically sums up all of our experiences of the week. 

On Thursday, we were teaching an old couple along with a man that was very well-versed in the bible, way on the outskirts of our area (I say outskirts, but it's not actually very outskirty, because the area is small). And so, we taught the restoration, in accordance with the prophecies and revelations that the bible has of a "restoration of all things." During the lesson, randomly, the old man asked us "Do you guys believe that Christ will come again?" And I said "Sir, I don't believe that Christ will come again, I know he will!" Yeah, kind of corny. But you can get away with it as a missionary here in Brazil. Anyway, he said "Well I don't believe he will, because the world is just awful! Why would a perfect Man come to such and awful world?"

Well, that question was a little funny to me, because that's exactly the reason that Christ promised to come back, which is to purify the earth and to initiate a perfect reign here on the world for a period of time. Before I was able to say anything on the matter, the well-versed bible guy (who previously had tried to bible bash us) was all like "Well, hey! It's right here in the bible that Christ will come back! Don't you believe in the bible?" And the old man was all like "Oh, I forgot. That's right. You guys are right." And so we continued.

Later on, this old man gets really excited to ask us another question, once again completely unrelated to the subject. This time, the question was a little more personal. He asked us "Do you Elders believe in life after death?" And again, I said "Sir, I don't believe there is life after death. I know there is." This time the response was much different than the first question and answer. The old man stood up, and started to leap and shout for joy, and I quote "I knew it! I knew it! There's life after death!" Then, turning to his wife "Sandra, there's life after death! This dumb ole' earth isn't the end!" Then, turning to random citizen in the road, "You there! Do you believe in life after death? Because I sure do!" It was all me and my companion could do to keep from laughing. 

And so, this week I'd like to say that we got to see the gospel truths bring joy into the hearts of men. Until next time, everyone!

Elder Bishop

Monday, October 20, 2014

Galliton, Missouri: Elder Andersen's family lives here!!!!!!

Well! This week was... well... it was downright amazing! With all of our hard work here in Ala Autran Nunes, it seems like everything is starting to pay off. We found a bunch of awesome people this week, and I'm quite excited to start teaching them. 

First off, we had an amazing lesson with this one guy, Iago. He's unmarried, but he lives with his girlfriend, and he's been extremely receptive to the gospel. Unfortunately we haven't had the time to teach his girlfriend. Actually, last week it was hard to talk to either of them, because they got into a fight and the girlfriend, Carol, ran away to a different state. And then Iago chased after her, and so they were gone for awhile. Well, we found Iago in his house this week, and Carol wasn't home. We talked to him and it seemed that they had resolved their differences. We got to talking with him, teaching a little about how God gives us certain situations to learn to grow, and then I felt the impression to share about marriage. Iago took it all in very thoughtfully, and then he shared with us what he had been going through the past week. He said "I was extremely depressed with the big fight that Carol and I had, and I just really didn't know what to do. Everything is good in between us now, but in the moment I felt lost. I felt that everything was slipping away, and that our relationship was about to end. I really love Carol. So I decided to kneel and pray. I asked God what I should do. I told Him that I knew He could do all things, and I asked Him if He could help my relationship. Finally, I ended saying that above all I would accept whatever His decision would be, even if it meant ending my relationship. After the prayer, I sat in thought, and as I was thinking, I felt very strongly that God wanted me to ask Carol in marraige. I did, and everything is going strong with us now. I'm really happy with my answer." 

Iago then declared that he knew that we also were sent to bring the same message to him and Carol. We then testified about God's law of marraige and Chastity that was created to form the great power of a family unit, established here on earth with an eternal potential. The Holy Ghost testified to our hearts and to the heart of our investigator about the sacred role of the family here on earth. It was pretty awesome.

Also, we had many other small miracles here and there, and it was basically the best week I've had in a long time! I'm quite excited about the work here in Ala Autran Nunes. 

So until we meet again! Tenha uma ótima semana!

Elder Bishop

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A "normal" week

ELDER ANDERSEN:  lives 30 min from OP

Well, this week was quite... normal. Except not really. Elder Andersen and I are doing great, working a bunch, and struggling a little bit with the people in our area. However, things are really starting to look up now. Our district has shrunk down to just the four of us Elders, all in the same house. Also, the rules changed in the mission about the district meetings and the movies. On P-day, we won't be able to watch movies anymore, which actually frees up some time for us to play basketball or do other things like that. Also, the district meetings now will be only our district, which means that there won't be any more training session things that I will give to the whole zone. 

Elder Lustosa was transferred also, and now it's all Americans in Ala Autran Nunes, which is really strange. I've never had a house full of Americans. I know that all of you are probably thinking "Why, I live with Americans. It's not strange." However, I am in Brazil. It's strange. 

Anyway, this transfer Elder Andersen and I hope to really get this ward excited about the missionary work, and we really hope to see the work explode here. Personally, I think it's going to go great. A few returned missionaries showed up here in the ward, and they are going to be able to go teaching with us. The work goes onward!

Until next time everyone! Tchau!

Elder Bishop

Hunter found WALDO

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello everyone! Our week was a rush! Elder Andersen and I had to go to the mission office twice to get everything resolved with the legalities and such of entering Brazil. And now, I'm proud to say, Elder Andersen is absolutely one hundred percent legal in Brazil! 

Anyway, this week went by very well. We were able to talk to a lot of people this week, and we found a few people that were very excited to hear about the Gospel. I'm not going to lie though, working in a bigger area is a lot different than what I've gotten used to. For those of you that don't know, my last area was extremely small. And this area is extremely big. So, it's been pretty different this tranfer in terms of the work. However, I'm starting to get the hang of it, and the work should pick up pretty soon. 

Conference! That was awesome. I hope everyone liked how many of the talks will be in the native languages of the speakers from now on. That part blew my mind. The coolest was when Elder Godoy of the Seventy spoke, because he's Brazilian. Also, I watched all of Conference in Portuguese, which was quite different but really cool at the same time. 

Well, during conference, one of our investigators, with Elder Bednar's talk in the Sunday afternoonsession, started to cry. That was pretty awesome. Unless they were tears of sadness. However, I think that the talk really spoke to him. His name is Marcos, and he is completely ready to be baptized, however he's a little afraid of his Catholic mom. We've talked with him that he doesn't have to fear, because blessings will always follow a trial of faith, however he hasn't worked up the courage to make this decision on his own. I'm really hoping that Elder Bednar's talk changed that. We are going to talk to himtonight to see how he's doing. 

And that was my crazy awesome week! Tchau!

Elder Bishop