Monday, October 27, 2014

Bringing Joy to Man

This week was pretty awesome, but also pretty down right rough. We had so many odd experiences that I don't even know where to start. However, I would like to say that we are continuing to see miracles. Mabye they aren't the type of miracles most convenient at this time, but they are miracles nonetheless.

Instead of telling you all the stuff that happened, I would like to tell all you guys a wonderfully and joyfully funny story that basically sums up all of our experiences of the week. 

On Thursday, we were teaching an old couple along with a man that was very well-versed in the bible, way on the outskirts of our area (I say outskirts, but it's not actually very outskirty, because the area is small). And so, we taught the restoration, in accordance with the prophecies and revelations that the bible has of a "restoration of all things." During the lesson, randomly, the old man asked us "Do you guys believe that Christ will come again?" And I said "Sir, I don't believe that Christ will come again, I know he will!" Yeah, kind of corny. But you can get away with it as a missionary here in Brazil. Anyway, he said "Well I don't believe he will, because the world is just awful! Why would a perfect Man come to such and awful world?"

Well, that question was a little funny to me, because that's exactly the reason that Christ promised to come back, which is to purify the earth and to initiate a perfect reign here on the world for a period of time. Before I was able to say anything on the matter, the well-versed bible guy (who previously had tried to bible bash us) was all like "Well, hey! It's right here in the bible that Christ will come back! Don't you believe in the bible?" And the old man was all like "Oh, I forgot. That's right. You guys are right." And so we continued.

Later on, this old man gets really excited to ask us another question, once again completely unrelated to the subject. This time, the question was a little more personal. He asked us "Do you Elders believe in life after death?" And again, I said "Sir, I don't believe there is life after death. I know there is." This time the response was much different than the first question and answer. The old man stood up, and started to leap and shout for joy, and I quote "I knew it! I knew it! There's life after death!" Then, turning to his wife "Sandra, there's life after death! This dumb ole' earth isn't the end!" Then, turning to random citizen in the road, "You there! Do you believe in life after death? Because I sure do!" It was all me and my companion could do to keep from laughing. 

And so, this week I'd like to say that we got to see the gospel truths bring joy into the hearts of men. Until next time, everyone!

Elder Bishop

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