Monday, November 3, 2014

Elder Bishop is missing his camera.....

This week was quite interesting. For example, our house was robbed. That was quite interesting. 

So yeah, that happened. However, the guy didn't take much. It looks like he just took three cameras (which included mine) and left. We haven't found anything else missing, which I suppose is a blessing. Also, he left us his hat! It was kind of torn up though. I think the poor guy must have got a little frustrated, because he probably thought there would be all sorts of expensive stuff in the house (everyone here thinks that all Americans are rich). Unfortunately for him, we're missionaries, and we don't have expensive things. I guess he missed out on that memo. 

Basically, the house's security is going to need a look over. It appears like he entered into the tiny window up top (our house is the second story). This guy must have been pretty skinny, because I didn't even believe that a stray cat would be able to fit through that window. 

On a happier note, we found a family of four (a mom and three sons) that are really excited about learning more about the Church! They have really shown commitment in searching out personal revelation about the truth of the restored gospel. I'm excited!

The work goes onward! See you all later. Tchau!

Elder Bishop

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