Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A "normal" week

ELDER ANDERSEN:  lives 30 min from OP

Well, this week was quite... normal. Except not really. Elder Andersen and I are doing great, working a bunch, and struggling a little bit with the people in our area. However, things are really starting to look up now. Our district has shrunk down to just the four of us Elders, all in the same house. Also, the rules changed in the mission about the district meetings and the movies. On P-day, we won't be able to watch movies anymore, which actually frees up some time for us to play basketball or do other things like that. Also, the district meetings now will be only our district, which means that there won't be any more training session things that I will give to the whole zone. 

Elder Lustosa was transferred also, and now it's all Americans in Ala Autran Nunes, which is really strange. I've never had a house full of Americans. I know that all of you are probably thinking "Why, I live with Americans. It's not strange." However, I am in Brazil. It's strange. 

Anyway, this transfer Elder Andersen and I hope to really get this ward excited about the missionary work, and we really hope to see the work explode here. Personally, I think it's going to go great. A few returned missionaries showed up here in the ward, and they are going to be able to go teaching with us. The work goes onward!

Until next time everyone! Tchau!

Elder Bishop

Hunter found WALDO

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