Monday, February 24, 2014

"Sweet Mercy Hot Water"

Well, we've been working with the area for a long time, and it seems to be picking up. I think the members are finally getting excited about the work, because of the example of Carlinhos and Claudiane! We've been working with them for a long time now, and finally, their marraige is on the horizon! It'll be this next week, and afterwards will be the party that our Relief Society President set up. 

Also, we have set up a solid date for their baptism. It will be on March first! Both Carlinhos and Claudiane are set in stone for this date. I'm super excited for it!

In other news for the week, we had Zone Conference on Thursday, so one of our days was basically completely eaten up. Conference lasted until 5:00, and clean-up lasted until 6:00(Yes, we had to clean up) and the drive back to our area took another hour, so we didn't arrive until7:00! We only got in two hours of work.

 Conference was awesome though, and it was a good learning experience (at least from everything that I was able to understand). Zone Conference and District meetings here are a little different in this mission though, because there is ten or eleven zones, and a bagazillion districts. So, a District meeting is actually with the Zone, and a Zone Conference is with half of the mission. This means that at Zone Conference I got to see some friends from the MTC that were in my Zone there, which was really fun.

Also this week, Elder Dup and I had splits with our Zone Leaders. It was awesome! Our Zone Leaders are super cool, and they're really good missionaries. Plus, I got to go to their apartment, which has hot water (sweet mercy, hot water!). 

Anyways, the split went quite well, and it was nice to get to know some of the other missionaries: two other missionaries in our zone live in the ZL apartment, and much of the work we did that day was baptismal interviews with investigators of other missionaries.

. I also got to talk with the Stake President, who is American! It felt good to talk to someone in English (since all the American Elders here have a hidden code to only speak Portuguese with eachother). I also got to learn more about the Stake, which may be useful if I ever serve in any of the other wards here in Estaca Litoral. Anyway, that was my week.
Atê maís, gente!

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