Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Elder Bishop gets SICK!!!

First, from what everyone is saying, the States sound pretty chill right now! Heheheh. But seriously. All I hear now makes it sound like the U.S.A. is a big block of ice! What's happening guys?!
Also, everyone here is talking about record breaking floods happening all over Brazil. Hopefully by the end of my mission there will be a little part of America to return to! Nevertheless, the work goes on!

This week, Elder Dup and I traveled down to Fortaleza's Central district, to get a marraige set for Carlinhos and Claudiane. They're going to be married this week! They both are progressing super well, and I am very excited for the both of them. Also, our ward has done a wonderful job fellowshipping them, and our Relief Society President is organizing a ward party for them, to celebrate their marriage. We taught Carlinhos and Claudiane the Word of Wisdom this week, and though they both have troubles with it, they both are willing to keep it. This family is awesome!

Other than the progression of Carlinhos and his family, not much has happened this week. Mostly because I've been lying in bed with some mad crazy Brazilian sickness. You remember that worm I told you about? I think he's having a little too much fun down there, partying every night with Colon and his buddies. This week, Elder Dup and I are going to get some medicine to calm him down. 

Anyways, I'm out of time. See you all next week! Tchau!

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