Monday, March 3, 2014


Finally! The day came! The wedding for Carlinhos and Clédiane came and went, and they were baptized and confirmed this last weekend. Elder Dup and I actually weren't able to go to the wedding; President Souza visited our Zone for district meeting and specifically called us to say that we needed to be there. But later in the day we were able to visit Carlinhos and his wife to talk about how the wedding went. Then, later that night our ward had a party for the newly-weds in the Church, which went really well. That night we confirmed with the couple the date for their baptism. They both said that they felt ready for the baptism.
When the day of the baptism arrived, Elder Dup and I made our way to the Church to  fill up the baptismal font: usually a very easy thing to do. We arrived and found our Bishop already there, filling up the font, which is good. Except the water ran out very quickly, which is bad. So, we spent half the day filling up the font in various ways. None of the ways were fast enough to have the font filled for the proper time. Finally, Elder Dup decided that the easiest way would just be to fill up the font with the ten-gallon-mineral-water-containers that they have here in Ceará. We bought thirty of them. THIRTY. Luckily they were three bucks a-piece. And they worked quite well. 
The couple arrived at the baptism, and everything was going great, until we remembered that we had forgotten to think of a safe way to baptize Clédiane, because she's super pregnant (with twins). Needless to say, it wasn't the prettiest baptism, but she was baptized correctly and nothing was hurt and that's all that matters! Carlinhos and Clédiane were both very happy after their baptisms. It was really great to see! They've been waiting for baptism for awhile. 
Well, that was the highlight of the week for the Elders in Ala Ômega! Also, it was Carnaval this week in Brazil. Don't worry though, they don't celebrate it super crazy in our area. The craziest it got was two guys walking down the street in dresses and wigs. Oh yeah, and then the bigger guy picked up the other guy and carried him across the threshold of the bar they were headed for. Yup. 
Well, atê mais!
Elder Bishop

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