Monday, March 24, 2014

Traditions of Brazil's children

This week went really well, and also not really well. I'll explain.

Elder Brooks and I are getting along great, and working like beavers trying to stop-up the Amazon River (Which would be really hard, because there's like alligators trying to eat you up and stuff. Also the Amazon River is really big), and we are starting to see a little more success. We found another family this week, and they are super prepared already! I hope to see their baptism, but we need to get the couple married first, so it will be a long time until then. 

Also, the work continues with Lucas and our other investigators, and things are looking great for this next week. 

This week was also really hard, because almost the whole week I was walking around with some sort of virus. It wasn't too pretty. I'm all good now, but I'd be fine if I didn't have another week of sickness.

Two more things, for all of your enjoyment. The last thing is a little nasty though, so don't read if you are wuss. Ha! Now you have to read it! But seriously, it's nasty, you don't have to read it.

Both of these things happened in the same house. Figures. But the first thing was pretty hilarious. During a lesson with recent converts, some random drunk guy just walked into the house. He wasn't related to anyone we were teaching. He just walked in. The people in the house didn't mind it too much. He just sat there and listened to the lesson. But in the end of the lesson, Elder Brooks decided to show everyone a magic trick! There were a lot of kids in the lesson, so it was for them. But the drunk guy was the most impressed. He started looking at the coin and asking how Elder Brooks did it. Then he took the coin, put it inthe middle of his palm, closed the hand, and started waving his hand all over the place. Then, he opened up his palm again, to see the the coin was still there. I don't think I've ever seen a more disappointed face on a man. And then he started asking Elder Brooks to "give me some magic." We wanted to talk about the magic of baptism, but we're going to save that for another time for him. He was pretty drunk.

And the second thing was, again, during a recent-member lessonduring a recent convery lesson. A little kid, during the lesson, opened up the refridgerator and pulled out a dead bird, plucked of all its feathers, and began to play with it like it was a toy. The parents weren't too happy about that. 

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