Monday, March 31, 2014

A description of Elder Bishop's mission are thanks to GOOGLE EARTH

From the information you gave me in last week's email concerning the Al Omega Ward, I was able to learn the address of the building the ward meets at using LDS tools. From there, my GOOGLE EARTH search began.

I located the address of Al Omega ward as listed on LDS. Org.  A "street view" from google earth revealed a large, 2-story white stucco building surrounded by a high steel gate with the recognizable LDS logo. There is green grass and healthy palm trees on the property. The building and property are well maintained as compared to the surrounding structures. The building has a large net-covered area possibly used for recreational activities. 

Street names near the building I located include R Quatro, R Matoso Filo, R Seis, R Gen Allpio dos Santos,R XX1, R XX.
As I searched the neighborhood using the tools in Google earth, I was able to read signs on buildings indicating businesses. Here are some signs:

--PJ Lanches
--Veja Nosso Cardapio
--Compre Alex
--Dany Design  Banners, Adsevios

Located directly next to the large stucco building is a large red brick building that appears to have many buildings protected by a brick wall with broken glass at the top. I could see the word CERE written in several places. To my eyes, maybe this structure was a school of some kind.

There is a newer, modern two-story apartment structure across the street from church. Pink stucco is the building material.

Other google earth map items I could see and read:
--Frighore--Novilhojo De Ouro
--People ride small motorcycles to get from point A to B--most of them wear helmets
--If you walk 2.44 miles from the Omega Ward Building, you can be at the Atlantic Coast
--If you take a bus about 7.5 miles from the Omega Building, you can be at the mission home.
--there is a LARGE shopping mall in the downtown district that appears very modern compared to other buildings
--there are stone walls surrounding most of the buildings in Ceara Fortaleza. The walls look very old and are covered with some graffiti. Stealing and related crimes must be a big problem in the city.

I did not see any mountains, but I did see the Atlantic Ocean and along the coast are many modern hotels, restaurants, shops, and attractions. In the rural areas, there are structures with swimming pools, farm lands and rocky roads. A river flows with murky water very near the Omega building.

Does the above define your surroundings? It was fascinating for me to use this technology to really connect with my missionary serving in a country I have no experience with.

Either I have just described the area which you are currently living and you recognize the names and structures and you are amazed at what I can see on Google Earth.  OR you are confused and recognize NOTHING and this letter has been a waste of time!!!!

You will email me and let me know if this is CORRECT or if I need to keep searching.


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