Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekly review: It's Hot!

Well, not too much happened this week. Everything has been winding down from the baptism of Carlinhos and Clédiane. We found a new investigator that is really an elect, though! His name is Lucas, and he knows more about the Bible than any person I have already met in Brazil (besides the missionaries and the President). Let me tell you a little about him.
Lucas is only fourteen, but he's super smart and like most Brazilians, super faithful. He is the son of a woman that works for a less-active member we have been visiting, and we started talking to him about the gospel when he overheard us talking about prophets. He was super excited that our church has a living prophet, because he has read the Bible and has always thought to himself that a prophet is an essential thing for the true church of God (smart kid!). The more we teach him, the more he seems to have already been prepared to receive us. We have challenged him to read the Book of Mormon, because he already understands the truths that the Bible teaches. He has been very faithful in everything so far, and has excepted the invitation for baptism. He already understands the importance of baptism, so it was quite easy to make the invitation! I'm very excited to see his progression in the coming weeks. He most definitely will be baptized.
Until next week! Tchau!
Elder Bishop

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