Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Google Earth helps us map where Elder Bishop is

After attending a class on using Google Earth for genealogy, I began my quest to understand more of where my son Elder Bishop REALLY is and what his surroundings look like, and the distances he travels. This first map shows the distance from the LDS chapel which he composes his email to me to the Atlantic Ocean--it is 2.43 miles on foot.
This second image helps you understand how far the LDS mission home is from the LDS chapel by bus--7.44 miles!  What a great tool to help educate me on the surroundings of my son whom has YET to send ANY pictures. I don't have expectations of receiving any, but am pleasantly surprised at what I can gather from my home computer!

Here are 3 photos where I know my son spends several hours a week in worship, composing his weekly letters and performing baptisms.

 The covered court could possibly keep sporting equipment from going over the high walls. This MIGHT be the only Air Conditioned Building Hunter spends time in however, at a pleasant 81 degrees, I hope he is comfortable.

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