Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Listening to the prompting a of the spirit

Well, again this week was very hard and very slow. All of our appointments, except one, fell through this week. 
Nevertheless, we had amazing things happen! One new family in our ward gave us a solid referral for a whole family that they are friends with, and while Elder Dup and I were street contacting, we got about 7 potential investigators! Also, one more big thing while we were street contacting:

Elder Dup and I were walking along a road fairly close to our house, ready to retire for the night, and while we were walking I caught a glance of three men drinking outside of a bar, having themselves a good time. This is normal. Then I heard a very distinct voice whisper to my heart; "You need to talk to them." This is not normal. I didn't know how to react. Elder Dup and I kept walking, and I struggled to try and figure out whether I had heard the Holy Ghost or not. We kept walking. Up to this point, I had only felt the Holy Ghost speak directly to my heart once in my entire life. It was such a long time ago, too! And back then, I didn't listen to the voice, and ended up breaking my arm (some of you may remember the story). Well, this time I knew my arm wouldn't be broken if I didn't listen, but I couldn't shake the feeling that we needed to talk to them. We reached the end of the street, and in perfect Portuguese (which doesn't happen when I'm talking), I relayed to Elder Dup that we needed to go back and talk to those three men. Elder Dup said that he thought we needed to also. 
Both of us traveled back up the road, introduced ourselves to the men at the bar (though none of them were drunk), and asked if we could meet with them to teach them more about Jesus. All three of them said yes, although only one lived in our area. The other two were referred to the missionaries that lived in our area. The one that lived in our area, Mil, will be taking the discussions this week, and I look forward to teaching him. I will be teaching him with another companion, mostly, since the President told Elder Dup that he was going to be a Zone Leader over the Bom Jardim zone (which is sort of far away) this next transfer. I most likely will stay here, in Ala (ward) Ômega. 
The Holy Ghost is the real deal! He will testify to every willing heart the truth of all things, when asked with a sincere desire. And He will guide us, through promptings and feelings, letting us know what we should do to bring us closer to Christ and to our Father.
And that's it! Tchau!

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