Monday, January 20, 2014


Another day, another miracle. Last week, we had interviews with the President, and I was just barely able to communicate with him! He knows a little English, so when I really didn't understand something, he would translate it. Then he said "Sorry Elder, my English is really bad." and I responded by saying "Meu Português também!" (My Portuguese also!). Anyway, our President is really awesome, but after the interview is when our weekly miracle happened. Elder Dup and I, along with a few other missionaries, went to eat at a nearby McDonald's (Which is still just as gross as the States). While I was about to order, a woman, probably around 26, approached me and asked if we were the Mormon Missionaries! I said that we were, and then she asked if we happened to have "those Mormon books" with us! I said yes, and asked her if she wanted one. She smiled and said that she has been looking for one for awhile. So I got one for her, and told her it was free when she asked how much it cost. Then she sat down with her food and immediately started reading it! She seemed very excited, but I wasn't able to get her name before she left. I hope the missionaries in that area find her. 

Other than this experience, it's been a trying week for Elder Dup and I. We lost two of our investigators. One of them was Gabriela, except she's still going to get baptized. She just moved out of our area to get better schooling. Our other investigator, however, most likely will not be baptized (at least not for awhile). He has one of those "I want to be baptized, but my parents won't let me" situations. The ward has really befriended him though, so I have high hopes for him in the future. 

Anyway, I have to go now! Tchau!

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