Friday, October 25, 2013

Callings extended: 3rd Week in MTC

(Jacob Squire and Elder Bishop) Sporting KC--6-12-2013---Hunter left his camera battery at home and we JUST discovered it! MAYBE he will get to take a few shots in the MTC!

This past week in District 4-D, we had four out of eight of our Elders receive a calling. Elder Anderson and Elder Benitez, the Elders that occupy the same residence as Elder Garcia and I, are the new Zone Leaders. They have both stepped up to the calling with a reverence and respect proper for such a call, and because of that they have been very effective in strengthening the zone.

The other two Elders who received a calling are Elder Garcia and I. We were called to be Sacrament Coordinators for our zone's ward, which is kind of ironic, since both of us are terrible at organization, and now our calling requires good organization skills. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

There isn't much else to report. The language is coming along very well, and teaching is becoming more and more second nature. My ankle is doing a lot better, and within the next few weeks I'm sure it will be completely healed. Not too much has happened this week, besides the callings, but I'm sure next week I'll be able to find some crazy funny or really awesome story to share with everyone. Sorry I have to cut this week's message so short. Chow chow (bye bye)!

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