Friday, November 1, 2013

Elder David Bednar: 4th Week in MTC

An Apostle Speaks:

The coolest thing happened this last Sunday. After our Sunday Devotional, our whole district stayed in the auditorium to watch a talk given by Elder Bednar entitled "Character of Christ." He gave this talk on Christmas in the MTC. I had been praying for personal revelation concerning how I might become a better instrument in God's hands, and this talk answered it completely. 

Elder Bednar spoke of how Christ reacted to pain and suffering as opposed to how the natural man would react. Where the natural man would turn inward selfishly, calling all to focus on how hard his trials are, Christ always turned outward towards others; In the greatest opposition of all time, after Christ had taken upon him all the pains and sorrows and sins of the entire world, and after He had been betrayed by one of His own apostles, Christ still turned outward. In anger against the betrayal, Peter, the senior apostle, cut off the ear of one of Jesus' captors. Just an hour or so before this, Christ suffered all. He suffered for the very pain of the man who had his ear cut off, and for the very sin Peter had just committed. Christ, instead of turning inward, directed His efforts outward, and healed the man. In all His actions Christ acted in love and service to others, and Elder Bednar made it clear that as members of His church, we must do the same. The Spirit testified to me of the truth of this message. 

BOYS will be BOYS:
On an entirely different note, yes, there are more sprained ankle stories. This time, though, it wasn't me (thank goodness). During gym time, Elder Garcia, my companion, sprained his ankle while playing basketball. That was last Saturday, and he is a lot better now. At least in our district we've only had sprains. In the other district, one Elder tripped in the shower and cut his eyelid on the shower handle, and another Elder now has a head wound because he got hit by a flying  dictionary! Other than all that craziness, no one else has been injured.

News from Kansas:
I ran into Sister Aulick this Wednesday! She just arrived at the MTC. I asked her how Elder Alex Evans was doing, because I heard he got his visa before I left. According to her though, and this is probably old news for everyone else, Elder Evans got a visa that was intended for a different Elder Evans! That's crazy. I hope and pray that he gets his visa soon though, because I'm up next! Maybe I'll even get reassigned to where Elder Evans is. That would be exciting. 

Halloween in the MTC:
My district actually knows how good your cooking is! We ate all the Halloween treats in a hurry and Pumpkin break rocked the holiday!

 I'm super excited for Brandon and Allison, and I hope all the wedding arrangements work well. Maybe I'll see them at the temple next week.

 For Halloween, all the Elders in my district switched name tags. So, for Halloween, I dressed up as Elder Percival! Speaking of Elders in my district, I'll be sending pictures soon. I'm going to upload some from Elder Sheridan's camera. 

Send me some of that candy! I'm sure the kids don't need all of it.

(This is an amazing statement because Hunter is one of my children who DOES NOT like candy! He must miss it!

Até mais! Until next time!

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