Monday, April 28, 2014

Baptism and marriage

Transfers again! Both Elder Brooks and I will remain here in Ala Ômega for another six weeks! Which is awesome because we have a lot of cool stuff coming up. Last transfer was basically all gathering people to be baptized this transfer. It's what we call a... Nope. We don't have a word for that. I'm going to call it an Ammon, because it's like that time where the lamanites scattered the sheep, and Ammon gathered them up again. Then with all the chopping off arms and stuff. Yeah, this analogy didn't work out so well. 
Anyway, this transfer is going to be great! We have the marraige and baptism of Cleiton, and we found a family with a ton of potential: Regina and Epitácio! They aren't married (which isn't uncommon here), but we can fix that. They also have troubles with smoking, but we can fix that! They have a great desire to learn more about the Gospel, and more importantly they are acting on those desires by fulfilling the commitments to come to Church. All this means that they will very easily recieve a sure witness that God has restored His Church in the Latter Days. I'm super excited this transfer to reap the harvest of all our hard work! 
This week, we had the baptism of Paulo! If you guys don't remember him, he's the crazy hilarious kid from the favela that wants to be a missionary one day. His baptism was delayed a lot because he had to go to Church at least four times (rule of the mission), and he missed a few because he had to help his mom with work. Work is really tight for his family, because his dad died when he was pretty young, so anytime they can find good work the whole family pitches in and helps.
Paulo's baptism was really awesome. Elder Brooks had the privilege of baptizing him, and I got to share my thoughts on baptism for Paulo. We also got some great pics. Plus, three of our investigators were there to see how a baptism works. It was so great! 
And that's more or less my week! Atê o próximo!
Elder Bishop

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