Monday, July 28, 2014

Children and Baptism


Dear Elder Bishop                                                            7-28-2014

What joyous news you shared with us concerning the baptism of Lucas and the other children. When I served in primary and young women’s, I was continually amazed at the faith of children as compared to adults. Their desires, intents, simplicity and willingness to forgive and try again to follow our Savior can be a powerful example to older adults struggling with principles of faith and testimony.
When the Nauvoo temple was dedicated, I was serving as the primary president. As a presidency, we created child-friendly activities, visuals, and games for the children to complete on the 6-hour ride to the temple dedication. I was so impressed by their diligence in understanding the principles and ordinances that take place in the sacred House of God. When Brad and I took you three boys to the Open House, your reverence, respect, and awe was such a testimony to me of the faith of children. At such a young age, each of you struggled with attention and on that day, as we walked on hallowed ground, I knew that the Lord speaks to children in quiet whispers and has a great impact on them. (as soon as we were on the green grass in the sunny, breezy day, you all returned to your energetic and curious true nature)
Jean A Stevens:  Primary General 1st Counselor, offered this reflection concerning children she met.
Let me share some experiences of how children can bless our lives with their innocent yet powerful examples of Christlike attributes.
Todd, a little boy just two years old, recently went with his mother to an art museum that was showing a special exhibit of beautiful paintings of the Savior. As they walked past these sacred images, she heard her little boy reverently saying the name “Jesus.” She looked down to see him folding his arms and bowing his head as he viewed the paintings. Could we learn from Todd something about an attitude of humility, of reverence, and of love for the Lord?
Last fall I watched the example of a 10-year-old boy in Armenia. As we waited for sacrament meeting to begin, he noticed the oldest member of the branch arrive. He was the one who quickly went to her side, offering his arm to steady her faltering steps. He assisted her to the front row of the chapel, where she could hear. Could his small act of kindness teach us that those who are greatest in the Lord’s kingdom are those who look for opportunities to serve others?
Katie, a Primary-age girl, taught us as we saw her influence on her family. She attended Primary and was drawn to the teachings of the gospel. With growing faith and testimony, Katie left a note on her parents’ pillow. She wrote that the gospel truths had found a “home in her heart.” She shared her longing to be close to her Heavenly Father, to be obedient to His commandments, and to have their family sealed in the temple. The simple testimony of their sweet daughter touched her parents’ hearts in a powerful way. Katie and her family did receive sacred temple ordinances that bound their family together forever. Katie’s believing heart and example of faith helped bring eternal blessings to her family. Could her sincere testimony and desire to follow the Lord’s plan lead us to see more clearly what really matters most?”

I am glad you are feeling the sweet spirits and faith of children in Fortaleza, Brazil. May they influence their parents and their decisions.

I know that Isaque will continue to grow in the gospel and his testimony. He has faced his biggest fear and “not run to the BEACH.”  What a great story of a strong young man who really wants to live what he has learned and take it very seriously. He will be a stronger member in doing so when he gets baptized.

I am so amazed at the teaching opportunities that Cecera Brazil and awarded you and your companions, Elder Imperador and Elder Brooks. Your insights on gospel principles, knowledge of the scriptures, Preach My Gospel and other LDS materials is very impressive. I am so proud of your application of faith, diligence, prayer and faith in serving as a missionary.

I am sorry about the SD Card. I have uploaded all the pictures you send me on your Blog:

Any news of recovery? You must have had a SICK feeling in your stomach, but it is not the end of the world. Continue to take pictures of your surroundings, places of worship, people, and upload them as soon as you can. You still have time!!!!!!!!

I love Mom

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