Monday, July 14, 2014



So, we had transfers again, and I'm still here, in the same area. There must be someone very specific that I need to baptize here, because at the end of the transfer I'll have about 9 months here. That's all fine though, because I love the members here, and I love my investigators. Also, the members of our ward like to joke about how when I recieved my papers, the call was wrong. They say I must've really been called to the Ala Ômega Mission.

Nevertheless, the work goes onward! This past Sunday, we found a few kids that randomly went to church, and that have apparently been to church many times before. Plus, the two of them said that they wanted to be baptized. So that was cool.

Also, because of the World Cup we weren't able to visit Enrique and Viviane this week (they work a TON), but this week everything should go smooth. I don't know if I included it in my email last week, but they offered to bake us a pizza and have us and a few members over for dinner. They are an amazing couple! I hope to have the opportunity to help them get married and get baptized. 

Regina and her family are having a few really hard things happen in their lives. It makes me extremely sad, because all of them want so desperately to do good! Elder Imperador and I are going to visit them more this week, to try and help them with everything (including the wedding). Please everybody pray for Regina and Epitacio! They could really use some blessings right now!

My time is running out, but I will let you all know how this week goes! See you all later!

Elder Bishop

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