Monday, April 20, 2015


HUNTER COMMENTS ON THE LAST PACKAGE I MAILED TO BRAZIL: ( I didn't intend for deodorant, protein powder, protein shakes, ties, Easter candy, gum, pastichios or toothpaste to cause sooooo much trouble)

"I fought the beauracracies of Brazil for about 5 hours on Tuesday to finally get my package! It all worked out in the end. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! I love you guys! I absolutely loved the ties! Also the protein powder is very much appreciated. My comp also loved the pistachios. I think we ate all of them in little under a few hours."

This week, I felt sort of like that one old greek guy that ran a ton in some war to deliver a message, who then proceeded to die. Then they named a very well known track event after him. 

So yeah, I ran around Fortaleza quite a bit this week. Mainly all of the running (by bus, by car, by foot) was to interview all the people that my district is teaching to be baptized to be able to recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost to be able to enter the House of the Lord one day to be able to enter the Kingdom of God someday. Yeah, we ran more than that sentence did.

Also, I FINALLY recieved my missionary package. We had to go to Aldeota, which is the government district of CearĂ¡. It was a little frustrating, as the weather was slighty below the normal eighty degrees, with what appeared to be a small hurricane showering us and turning the streets into rivers. So we also had to swim through the streets this week (whoops!  Swimming is against the rules?).

Just kidding, it wasn´t that bad, however the streets did look like rivers. Also, as we were finally headed home (on public transport buses) we saw some kids playing in the  river/ street. Our bus stopped right in front of them. They all turned to look at the bus at the exact same moment. Then, as if all of them shared some sort of brain-communication, they turned as one and attacked the bus with water! They soaked quite a few people. It was extremely hilarious. Then some lady on the bus started yelling out ´Dirty old putrid water! Dirty water! It got in my mouth!´ which just caused more laughing on the bus. Quite a fun experience, actually.

And that was the week!

Elder Bispo

P.S.- While contacting a street contact, some little dog came to the door and started barking ferociously. Then he proceeded to stand and walk (just a wee bit) on his back legs, while barking even louder. That dog is talented. 

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