Monday, April 6, 2015

Another baptism!!!

Hey everyone! I loved our week! Carol was interviewed on friday, and baptized this last Saturday. Then everyone in the world had the chance to watch eight or more hours of pure revelation streaming from God´s Apostles and Prophets straight into their brains! So that was fun.

But seriously, Conference was a blast. Lots of inspired talks and wonderful stuff. I sure learned a thing or two! Also, I find it pretty funny how there´s probably a ton of trunky missionaries now that are now crazy about getting married. It appears that the Lord doesn´t want His returned missionaries to slack off. Challenge accepted!
Speaking of revelation and apostles, our mission this month is going to recieve a visit from another apostle. Whoo! I´m excited. 

And back to the week. Carol´s baptism  this past Saturday was very simple, but very spiritual. Not too many people came, however all the leaders of the ward were there to support Carol and her decision. Also, we filled the baptismal font up with a hose, because it´s a huge font. HUGE. Everything worked out real swell, and Carol is now very excited to recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost this next week. She is a prime example of those that faithfully fulfill the Lord´s commandments without hesitation. 

Also, this week is Sérgio and Luciane´s marraige! And then the next day is their baptism! And then the next day is their confirmation! This week is going to be really exciting. 

And that´s the week! Isso aí!

Elder Bispo

P.S.- Elder Imperador is now District Leader, and he is also training a new missionary. I´m a Grand-daddy!!!

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