Monday, March 30, 2015


Good morning USA! Our week was awesome. We've got a very solid group of progressing investigators now, and we're really exciting to reap the results of our work.

Tereza, an older woman that we started teaching about three weeks ago, made it to church and is now super excited to be baptized in the church. However, she is going to have to resolve some problems with her spouse who is now working outside of the state of Ceara. Unfortunately, their relationship isn't going so swell. They are probably going to go their separate ways, even though they've been together about 20 years or so. So if you guys could all pray for them, that'd be great.

Carol, a young woman of 18 from a family that we started to teach two weeks ago, has committed to be baptized this week. We are really excited to follow up with her to make this happen! Hopefully she can be an example to her family, as no other member in her family has gone to church yet. However, the first week we taught the family, Carol was firm with her decision to visit church. She kept her promise. She also accepted our challenge to follow any impressions that she had in the church or felt through prayer, or gained through study of the Book of Mormon by being baptized. The ward has supported her very well, even though she has only been going to church two weeks. 

Sérgio and Luciane continue to progress, and they are very exited for their baptism. Yeah, they´re perfect. ´Nuff said.

Also, we are now in a missiony trio. Elder Toby is the third member of the Dias Macedo area. He´s a dog. I mean, he is literally a dog. There are a ton of stray dogs here in Fortaleza, and one random day Toby (that´s what Elder Castanho named him) just randomly decided that we would be his masters. He follows us around in our area everywhere. We don´t even feed the poor guy, because we don´t have any money (plus we´re missionaries, we can´t have pets). A few times he has tried to enter the houses of our investigators to teach lessons and stuff, although he´s kind of really dirty, so he doesn´t ever enter. Plus kids are scared of him. Not very good traits for a missionary dog, but he´s still a boss. His favorite part of the missionary work is contacting. His technique is a little strange, but effective. He usually just jumps on people. Then the people that he jumps on usually fall in love with him, and we´ll show up and be all like "Hey! You met our dog!" And then we contact the person. It's pretty awesome.

Anyway, the work presses on! Go team!

Elder Bispo

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