Monday, March 9, 2015

LOTS OF PICTURES of our handsome missionary

Yesterday was stake conference, everyone. I love stake conference. However it was a really crazy day. Our week was also super great.

This week we have been following up with Sérgio and Luciane. They are AMAZING. We taught them about the Word of Wisdom, and immediately when we mentioned coffee, they started laughing. They had just bought four packets of coffee before we got there. The Bishop was with us, and he loves to joke around, so we had a few good laughs. Afterwards, though, they just handed over the coffee and promised that they would always seek to obey this commandment. Then we walked home with four packets of coffee. I have some pretty great pics of that. 

Anyway, I was quite surprised with their reaction! Normally people will ask "Why coffee?" and we´ll have to explain stuff and such. However, this family is so prepared to follow the commandments of God, without question. I feel they showed a great humbleness in that lesson. They reminded me of the Prophet Alma´s words to the lower-class among the Zoramites, in Alma 32: 15. I would love to quote that part, but it´d be better if all of you could search it up yourselves. Also I´m really pressed for time right now. GOOD LUCK FAITHFUL AMERICAN! Or one from another country.

Also, we had a TON of people that we invited to go to Stake Conference, and there were about 10 people that said that they would go. Unfortunately, in the state of Ceará, it seems to be that if 12 people say they will go, you get 2 that actually go. However, we had three of these people that made it to conference, so the turnout was alright. 

However, the day of conference, I woke up and passed almost the whole morning in the bathroom. I got super sick! Also, I had no idea that my body contained so much water. I´m pretty sure that with everything that my body put out, and with the amazing force that it seemed to leave, I could´ve powered the Hoover Dam for a week. You don´t have to picture that if you don´t want to.

Despite all this, in the very hour that Stake Conference would be, my sypmtoms completely fled away. What a miracle! Afterwards we went to Stake Conference, got a referral, and we watched the Zone Leader´s baptism that I interviewed on Saturday.



Elder Bispo

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