Monday, March 23, 2015

TRANSFERS and Elder Bishop stays put!!

Today is transfers anypeople! Basically everyone in the District will stay, except two of the Sisters (one finished her mission, and the other was just transferred). Which means... I´ll be able to see Sérgio and Luciane´s wedding and baptism!!! WHOO!!!! This family is absolutely amazing!

This week also yielded amazing results in our area. We had a wonderful amount of our investigators who went to church! The record was broken for our area in the number of investigators that went to church. So that´s cool. It´s been extremely hard to get people to church from our area, but things are really starting to look swell.

Now our biggest problem is getting all these families married so they can keep the Law of Chastity in preparation to be baptized! MARRY LIKE THE WIND!!!
Thursday rained like crazy. From 3 ´o clock until 8 it rained super hard, nonstop. And I forgot my umbrella. Also Elder Castanho lost his in his last area. HOWEVER, one of our investigators that went to church, Luciano, randomly gave us an umbrella the size of a minivan, so we didn´t get too wet. Although my bible was absolutely destroyed. 

Another cool story about Sérgio and Luciane. Apparently, a lot of their past friends from the last church that they were going to have started to mock and persecute them about their decision to be baptized and confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. However, instead of shrinking and losing faith in their decision, Sérgio and Luciane have bourne their testimonies to all these people, and have even defended the Church in the front of the Pastor´s debilitating comments. I have a firm testimony that this strong conviction that they have of Christ´s True Church comes from their strong grasp on the iron rod, or the word of God. This family diligently reads the Book of Mormon and the Bible every single day. I also know that any person, man or woman, child or elderly, can gain this same testimony of Christ and His marvelous work by reading diligently the Book of Mormon, pondering about it´s message, and praying to ask God if it is true. Just like Moroni says.

That´s it! Tchau!

Elder Bispo

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