Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello peoples of all species! This week was a pretty great week. Sérgio and Luciane are firm and strong. Everyday they continue to surprise us with their humble and ready willingness to keep the commandments. They are super excited for their marraige and their baptism! 

We are also super excited to witness the baptism of such a strong family here in Dias Macedo. As I´ve mentioned in the past, our area is really in need of faithful members that can contribute their time and talents to the effort. Sérgio and Luciane surely are a blessing.

Also, our recent convert Lukas is doing great! He´s starting to prepare to serve a mission now, and I can´t wait to hear the news of his call! It won´t be for another year or so (as he needs to complete at least a year as a member to recieve his endowments in the temple), however I´m extremely excited to see him progress to this point. What´s more is that the rest of Lukas´ family is finally starting to accept the gospel. I absolutely love asking families such as this what changes they have seen in the life of the family member who was recently baptized. This question always brings forth a number of joyous remarks. This is just another testament to the truthfulness of the gospel, and its power to change the lives of everyone who offers up a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

We have also been challenging Solange (the sister of a member) to be baptized. She is progressing very well, however she absolutely refuses to accept a baptismal date. Her daughter, Mayara, was baptized quite awhile ago, and is now inactive. We are reactivating Mayara, and helping her mother along the path of Christ. 

Lastly, our ward had a karaoke party on Friday. Luciane brought a friend along to meet the members of the ward and feel comfortable to go to church. Unfortunately, Sérgio was not able to go, because he had work. However, the turnout was really great, and we are very excited to begin teaching this new referral family.

And that was our great week.

Elder Bispo

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