Monday, March 2, 2015

ZONE Conference and a Mission Musical

Hello to every man, women, child, or dog that may or may not be reading this! Our week was AWESOME! First off, we had our zone conference on thursday. Then on saturday we had our Mission Musical. I´ll explain later in the email.
Thursday was great! Zone conference went extremely well. We were able to hear many spiritual experiences from varios Elders and Sisters, plus their testimonies. Also, our mission now has an official and inspiring song. It kind of reminds me of marching band, which is weird. However it is quite a catchy song. We also have a war shout. Our mission just became the coolest in the world.
Also, Sérgio and Luciane are progressing very well! They are a couple that we are going to baptize here in the ward. They´ve both been from different churches, but the two of them lost trust in all the other congregations that they went to. However, they felt the spirit very strong when they went to church a week ago, and also everytime the read the Book of Mormon. Plus, we marked their wedding today. Whoo! I´m super excited.
Saturday was our super-special-spiritblast-secretweapon-mission-musical. It worked out super well. Sister Evans, my sort-of cousin and the wife of our mission financial advisor, organized everything. It was quite a feat considering that she doesn´t speak Portuguese. However, we all sang spiritual songs and stuff to an audience of more than 400 or so. About half of the people were investigators of certain wards in the mission, mixed in with less-active members. Ninety people from my area and the area of the Zone Leaders went to the activity. Our ward organized super awesomely and rented a charter bus to take everyone there and back again. Also, I conducted the opening hymn. That was very interesting.
That was my super awesome week. The work presses onward!
Elder Bispo

I´m very excited to be recieving my last mission package! I understand that it must be frustrating to ship things with Brazilian customs. However life on the mission is great!

I have realized here on the mission that I am a big fan of snow. I miss it a tons! It´s great to hear that the weather in Kansas is still just as crazy as serving a mission in Brazil!
Testimony meetings are wonderful here! It also gives us great opportunities to bear our testimonies about the missionary effort, and I love taking a little time to challenge the members. Our ward is really wonderful, and is really deserving a better chapel with it´s frequency of members. We are fighting to meet my original goal! Although it´s quite difficult.
Elder Bispo

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