Monday, February 23, 2015


Well everyone, winter has come by here in Ceara. By winter, I mean it´s still blazing hot, but it rains about everyday now. I guess you all wouldn´t really call that winter. Oh well. Itps the closest they´ve got!
This is my second and last rainy season in Ceara! After it passes by, never again will I have to walk the streets of Fortaleza with soaked socks and shoes! Never again will the people here use rain as an excuse to not go to church! Whoo! I´m quite excited.

So yes, the people here don´t like leaving their houses when it rains. I´m not quite sure why, but that´s how it is. However, this Sunday we had a new family that came to us to church! We contacted Sérgio and Luciane about a week ago, and they are really wonderful! They have a really great desire to get married and to serve the Lord. They have been searching for the truth, and were so happy in the church! It looks like their search is over. This week we are going to begin the marriage process with them, and then onto their baptisms!

Dias Macedo is still proving to be a challenge, but Elder Castanho and I are starting to find some amazing people! We have been working very diligently to be able to baptize in this area (something that in the past few years has proven quite difficult for the Elders in this area), and the blessings are happening!

Also, with all the rain, our house has sort of turned into a swimming pool. Our ceiling appears to be very well-made, but apparently there are some cracks in the telhado (clay shingles that they use here). So that´s fun. Don´t worry, though, because the owner of the complex is going to fix everything up this week.

One interesting thing that happened this week was the fifty helicopters that passed by our house on Tuesday. It was CRAZY! Alright, mabye the number was more like eleven helicopters, but it was still awesome. 

And that´s the week. Tchau!

Elder Bispo

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