Monday, February 16, 2015


Well folks, this week was super fun and great. My new companion is a blast! Elder Castanho literally means Elder Nut. Yeah, it´s just as weird of a last name in Portuguese as it is in English, but I feel that it describes perfectly his character. Elder Castanho is from a small city in São Paulo named Ibiuna. 

First off, this week we found a bunch of new families! We challenged everyone with baptism, and all of these new families accepted. Now the hard part is to get them to church!

Lukas was confirmed a member of the Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias this past Sunday. I was able to confirm him and give the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I´m very happy that the Lord prepared Lukas so well for us to have been able to officiate these sacred ordinances for him. 

Also, news of Elder J. Andersen reached my ears today. He´s serving in Ala Ômega now! I was so excited when I heard about that. For those of you that don´t know, Ala Ômega was my first ward here in Brazil, where I stayed almost 9 months! I love that ward!

And lastly, this week started the infamous holiday of Carnaval. It´s pretty calm here in my area. The only difference is that the number of drunks in the street has increased. Also I saw two men walk through the street, super drunk, in womans dresses. One was playing a triangle and singing, and the other was doing a little drunk-guy jig. It was quite amusing.

And that´s my week. Daqui a pouco!

Elder Bispo 

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