Monday, February 2, 2015

Elder Bishop gets locked out of his apartment

Hoorah for Karma! Last week was pretty awful, but this week was great. The work is picking up here in Dias Macedo, and Elder Calisaya and I are ready to reap the rewards.

This week, I made brownies, for our district. Yup, I made brownies of my own free will. Actually it was more of a response to a challenge from the district, however I still did it. The sad part is, though, is that my brownies turned into a cake. I´m not exactly sure what I did wrong, but it was still delicious. I feel like this experience deserves some cool gospel-related analogy about free agency and something like that. However, I´ll just leave that part up to all you brilliant readers! 

Better yet, this week we got locked into our own apartment! It was quite a hilarious happening. Early in the morning on Thursday, we loaned our keys to the owner of the small complex (basically just a big house with different living spaces). We live on the second story, and we have three windows that look out into the street, and our door faces inward into the complex. Unfortunately, the owner forgot that he had the keys, and took them with him to some far away place. I had also forgotten to open our apartment´s door, so we couldn´t leave! However, since the Zone Leaders work in the same ward as us, they helped us escape our cozy prison so we could get to lunch on time. As I was sitting at the door, trying to improvise a lock pick (disregarding the fact that I have no experience in picking locks) I heard the voice of Elder Granville, that was strangely close by. I looked behind me to see Elder Granville´s floating head in our window. That was quite a strange sight. Turns out our Zone Leaders found a ladder and put it up at our window. We got out alright. And then we had an awesome lunch.

Even better was how one of our members randomly came up to us this week and told us about Lukas. Lukas was a past investigator, and has been to church many times. However, he never accepted the baptismal invites. This past week, though, it looks like he had some really spiritual experience, because he talked to this member and said that he wanted to be baptized by him. So we went to his house to talk to him, and now he´s on date for this saturday. Whoo!

And that was my awesome week. Stay frosty, everypeople.

Elder Bispo

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