Monday, January 26, 2015

Bland Week

Hello everyone! This week was just bland. It kind of reminds me of that one cereal, Kix. That was a very bland cereal. Just like this week. However, Tuesday was pretty cool. 

Life in Brazil is still just as great, and even better as a missionary. Tuesday we had interviews with the President, and we learned more how to handle our key-indicators (number stuff and such) to serve more effectively in our determined areas. I also got to talk more with my district. Afterward, Elder Calisaya and I went to the bank to draw out our mission allowance, and some random Brazilian girl drove by us and screamed out `Hey American! You guys are funny!´ That´s pretty normal though.

So, I really admire the stalwart energy of Alma the younger when he taught the people of Ammonihah. This week as I read these passages, I reflected on a little part that stuck out to me. I remember that as Alma had finally given up, and was trodding along to the next city, an angel appeared (the same that had sparked the initial conversion of Alma) and told him to go back. Now, the interesting part is that after he recieves this message that he needs to go back and teach the gospel of repentance, it says that `He returned speedily to the land of Ammonihah´ (Alma 8:18). Instead of moaning and groaning at the thought that he would have to confront trial and persecution again, Alma goes running back to the city. I really admire this spirit of enthusiasm to preach the gospel, in any situation that we´re in. 

This week, we sought out new investigators and new people to commit to go to church. Specifically, we are searching out new people to commit to baptism, and we´re hoping to be able to find a lot here in Dias Macedo to give this area a nice base of members to work with. 

And that was my week. Tchau!

Elder Bispo


This past year in Brazil, I feel most surprised to look back on how much I have been blessed to have been used by God as an instrument to carry out His works. Specifically, I find it amazing how the Spirit has acted through us in our many lessons, and in the many other opportunities I have had to also serve the other missionaries. This month we have been reading Chapter 4 of PMG, and I´m starting to really appreciate how the Holy Ghost has directed us in every way. Through all my experiences here on the mission, I honor these the most.

Oh, and I also heard that France freaked out and declared war on Israel. Yeah, that was quite a shock.

Whoo Carson!

Whoo all the new families of people that grew up in OP1!

Love you!

Elder Bispo

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