Monday, January 19, 2015


This week was quite amazingly full of all sorts of good stuffs! In our district meeting, we all threw a little party for Elder Bradley and Sister Alcocer. Their birthdays were this week. I´ll send pics.

After our little party, we then went into our training session and marked the dates for baptism interviews. Our district marked down three this week. As District Leader, I had to do all these interviews. Normally that wouldn´t take much time, but each interview was scheduled for a different day! And transportation here isn´t the best. So I was a little worried this week that with all the time these interviews would take out of our schedule, that Elder Calisaya and I wouldn´t have been able to work too well in our own area! However we saw a bunch of blessings this week.

Despite all the interviews and such, that took precious time away from three of our working days, we were able to get a bunch done this week! It´s amazing how the Lord blessed us. This week was actually our most productive week that I have had here in Dias Macedo. I´m pretty darn excited.

Also, we found another really amazing family this week! Michael and Tamára! Michael actually lives in the Zone Leader´s area, however we are going to work together with them, because they want to get married and they want to go to church! Unfortunately, Michael was caught in a motorcycle accident this last saturday, so they weren´t able to go to church. Fortunately he didn´t break anything or scar. He simply sprained his ankle. Blessings!

Graça and Marcos are still progressing really well! They are both determined to join the church to enjoy the blessings of being full time members. However, Marcos is having a little trouble with his alcohol addiction. He was actually diagnosed with alcoholism, but he has shown amazing and just about super-human diligence in leaving behind his addiction. He went two full weeks sober, on his first try! I´m very humbled at his great spiritual strength. Please pray for him!

And that´s the week! Até mais!

Elder Bispo

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