Monday, January 12, 2015

Busy week...

Well everyone! This week was great, and I am just loving this ward. This week we found a bunch of new families to teach. But first, I wanted to talk about Wednesday.

Wednesday was weird. Extremely weird. It rained (weird), and therefore we were late to our District Meeting (more weird). While we were walking in the road afterwards, I saw a man stop in front of a family and begin to quack like a duck (most weird). Then later in the road we heard this huge motorized sound, looked back, and witnessed a whole army of about one hundred or so soldiers, all on motorcycles (flipping out of my seat weird). So Wednesday was weird. 

Anyway, the rest of the week was great. Our regular teaching group (those that are progressing in the Gospel) consists right now of about six families. As I may have mentioned earlier, this ward was supposed to have been divided awhile ago. Until now it has not, because of the low number of active members on our side of the ward. So we are searching out and being blessed with so many families to teach! I am absolutely positive that the Lord has a great purpose for us here. I am ecstatic to help this ward finally divide. These faithful members deserve it.

Yesterday, after the church meetings, we contacted a referral (family of three) from a less-active member. We then discovered that this referral family had already taken the lessons from the Elders, and that the Elders had helped them marry, in preparation for the baptism. However, these Elders were then both transferred, and two other Elders were put in their place. Unfortunately, both of these new Elders decided not to work, and this family stopped going to church. Even though this extremely unfortunate event happened, I know that my Heavenly Father has a divine purpose in helping us find this family again. I´m extremely grateful to be teaching Gleisson, Diane, and their son.

We are teaching also another referral family, Graça and Marcos. They are progressing very well, however we will need to help them get married before their baptisms.

And that´s my week! Até mais, meus amados!

Elder Bispo

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