Monday, January 5, 2015

A great start to the New Year

Happy New Years, everyone! It felt pretty great to know that I have gotten this far in the mission. I served the whole year of 2014! Whoo! I´m pretty happy with what I´ve been able to accomplish here in Ceará, and I´m super grateful that Heavenly Father called me here to serve! I know that His ways are greater than my ways, so I´m ecstatic and marvel that he has been able to use me to accomplish His ways!

This week we recieved a referal from a member, Leandro, that lives close by us. He wanted us to visit his mom and step-dad, and so we marked a time to go there. So the time came, and Leandro, Élder Calisaya and I taught a marvelous first lesson with this family! Graça and Marcos came to church this week, and we will now be preparing them for marraige and baptism! I am very excited to be able to teach this family!

However, despite this great news, it´s still being super hard to get people to church! I feel like God has a lesson for me to learn, and I must not have learned it yet, because in all three areas, ever since I became a leader on the mission, it has been SO difficult to get people to church! However this is the key to helping people along the path of salvation. I have seen here on the mission that everyone that makes it to church is able to feel the sweet spirit of the Holy Ghost testifying of the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel. Now, whether or not they choose to act on this feeling is up to them, but this is such a crucial step to one´s conversion to Christ. For some reason though, the past six months or so have been almost all big fat zeroes in people that attended church, despite all my efforts to teach and preach the gospel. However, as I mentioned above, I know that God´s ways are greater than my own. I have seen many times here on the mission that the people I have taught have been able to progress after I leave the area. It´s really awesome to see that.

Pray for the families that we are teaching so they can experience the great blessings of the Restored Gospel! The ward deserves the blessings of more righteous families!

Até logo,

Elder Bispo

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