Monday, May 19, 2014

Baptism, Marriage, and an Apostle

Subject: Baptism, Marraige, and an Apostle

FINALLY! This week we had the baptism of Cleiton! Also he got married. Which is another big thing. I'll have the pictures up next week of the wedding and baptism.

The wedding, this Friday, was really fast but really cool. Nivea and Cleiton came dressed up in their finest clothes, and they were shining with happiness! The wedding was also very emotional. This week, the mother of Nivea had a heart attack, and is going to have open heart surgery. It's been really stressful for them, so the wedding was both very happy and very sad. Driving back to the house, Nivea couldn't help but cry because of all that was going on. She said that she didn't know whether to be really happy or to be crying on behalf of her mom. Cleiton comforted her and told her that she didn't need to cry, because she had the perfect opportunity to cry at the baptism! 

The baptism went really well. Tons of people from our ward came, to support Cleiton (he's basically best friends with everyone already) and watch the baptism of this great dude. Elder Brooks baptized Cleiton, everyone and their dog took a picture with him, and the next day I got to confirm him a member of the Church. Giving him the gift of the Holy Ghost was really cool, but as for the blessing afterwards, I have absolutely no memory of what I said. I hope it was good. But there's also a chance that what I said didn't make much sense. Giving blessings in Portuguese is hard! 

So, the week went great, and things are going good in Ala Ômega! Also, today our mission, and the Fortaleza Leste mission, got to hear from Elder Anderson, the Apostle! He spoke in Portuguese most of the time, and helped all of us missionaries understand how we can serve better in our areas. Yeah, I had no idea he spoke Portuguese also. But it was really great to hear an Apostle of God super close, and speaking in another language! 

See you all next week! Tchau!

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