Monday, May 26, 2014

Making more connections

Does everyone remember the story of that one contact that was absolutely terrible? And then we had a miracle happen with his friend? Well, the contact, Bruno, was baptized this week!

Our miracle, Raimundo, left a little while ago to visit his family in the Interior of Ceara. He's going to return this week, and get baptized the next. But Bruno, the young guy that we contacted that understood absolutely nothing, progressed a ton this week and got baptized! Although he had a lot of trouble understanding us, he has been super diligent and faithful with reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday. I've never had a more diligent investigator than this guy! Also, when we taught him all the commandments, he just up and left all of his sins. He was like "Drop the coffee? I can do that." And he did it. He also basically memorized all of the missionary lessons too. However, he's a very shy guy, so we had no idea he knew all that stuff until the baptism interview. After he passed the interview, our Zone Leader told us that our lessons with him must have gone very well, because he knew so much. It's funny, because all of our lessons with him were frustruatingly painful. Thank goodness he read all the pamphlets we gave him!

Also, this week we had a really cool miracle! One of our investigators, Brena, is going through trying times in her life. She has been looking for more happiness for her and especially for her family; Brena and her husband have been having troubles in their relationship. Last week (and yesterday), she came to church. However, we found out this week that she only came last week because of a dream she had.

When we first came into contact with Brena, she cried a little during the lesson of the Restoration, and told us at the end that she had been waiting for someone to bring such a happy message to her. There she resolved to go to church, but when Saturday came she had other things to deal with, and was ready to stay in the house during Sunday. When she went to bedSaturday night, she dreamed that Elder Brooks and I were at her front door, calling her to church. Only, it was a dream, so she dreamed that we were talking heavy Cearense slang with her, which was pretty funny. But because of this dream, she woke up with the determination to go to church. And she did.

Now, this week, we went to visit Brena and her husband, Leandro, on Saturday. We brought along our good buddy Cleiton. When he shared his testimony, he literally hit on every single problem that Brena and Leandro were having. Only the funny thing is, Cleiton had no idea what their problems were. Miracle? Heck yeah. 

In 2 Nephi 31:13, the prophet Nephi talks about how when we recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost, we will be able to speak with the tongue of angels. Cleiton most definitely used this gift with Brena and Leandro. Both of them came to church yesterday, and both of them now have dates to be baptized. 

Well, that's all the awesome for this week! Ate mais!

Elder Bishop 

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