Monday, August 4, 2014


This past week, Elder Imperador and I were able to teach Leda and Nalda a bunch, and we are hoping to baptize them this week. They have both given up so much in their willingness to be baptized, and I'm super excited to be able to help them along the path of Christ.

Seeing the great happiness that this family is sharing in the Gospel really struck a note with me this week. To start, Leda hasn't exactly had the best past with her family. I won't get into details, but she, along with her two kids, have suffered a lot because of this. When we first came in contact with them, they were in a very tough situation. After the baptism of Lucas, however, they found the joy that the Gospel brings, and after having gone to church just two times, have expressed the desire to be baptized, as Lucas already was baptized. 

Speaking of Lucas, this kid is a boss. Everytime we teach Leda and Nalda, Lucas helps us teach. He remembers everything. Also, one of his greatest desires that he has shared with us is that of serving a mission. This little guy just turned 12, and he already wants to start the mission process! He's told me that he wants to serve in the good ole' States, which just about made me cry. Plus, he's already asked the Bishop what he needs to do to pass the sacrament. I love this kid.

Also, Cleiton has recieved the call of Ward Missionary, and so he has been teaching with us. He's taught with us everytime with Leda's family, and so she wanted him to baptize her. I swear, Cleiton one day is going to a Bishop.

Also, this week we found a new family that's married (whoo!) and I'm really excited to begin teaching them. 

Regina's wedding is still stalling, but I know that the Lord will provide a way! Last week, we had a break through with Regina's spouse, Epitacio, and it's all looking good. He asked us to give a blessing to his child that had a seizure, and so we did. When we gave the blessing to Regina's baby, I felt the Holy Ghost very strongly, and the next day the child was fever free and healthy as ever. Epitacio has started to trust us a lot more.

Well, my time's up. See you all next week!

Elder Bishop

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