Monday, August 25, 2014


This week was amazing, and I've got some really cool stories to tell, but first let's talk about change. Tranfers have brought on some big changes. I've been tranfered out of my beloved Ala Omega, and I will be serving with Elder Lustosa in the Autran Nunes Stake, Ala Autran Nunes. One thing that's new though: I'm going to be district leader! Also, this stake is basically a five minute drive from Ala Omega, but the area is about five times larger. Also, Elder Imperador was also transfered. He will be serving in Caucaia.
First off, about my time with Elder Imperador. I'm extremely happy with my "son's" progress in the missionary field. These past two transfers were really a good learning experience, although I'm afraid that it wasn't what I expected it would be, and neither was it what Elder Imperador wanted it to be. Despite the fact that we worked so hard that at the end of the day our feet would steam (figuratively, of course; steaming feet would be nasty and most definitely is a health concern), we saw almost no results with our investigators. Not even the less active members that we were working with showed a lot of results. However, this past week definitely made up for all the rest. We found a family so amazing that I don't even have words to describe them. 

Alright, mabye I could describe them a little. Mailson (the husband) and Rafaela (the wife) are married, and were extremely impressed when we taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For those of you that do not know about the Restoration, I would implore you to look into it. There is nothing that will bring more certainty to your life that God loves you than the lesson of the Restoration, and the message it contains about the eternal Atonement that Jesus Christ suffered for all of us. Anyway, when we invited this family to pray at the end of the lesson, to ask God if the things we had taught them were true, Rafaela said "But I already know that these things are true. Before I met you, I prayed to God to show me the true way, and he sent you two. When you both talk, I feel happy and I feel that you two are speaking the truth." The family both are very excited to attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This past Sunday, Rafaela went with us (unfortunately Mailson couldn't go because of a mandatory course he took for his job), brought along her sister (who is also a very amazing person), and while we were sitting in the chapel during sacrament meeting, asked us when she could be baptized. 

I know that the Holy Ghost works through those that we teach, testifying of the truth. It was a blessing to see a family so open to the promptings of the Spirit to the point where they testified of their own knowledge of the truth. Unfortunately, I won't see the baptisms of this wonderful family, but I will be waiting to recieve the good news from them both about their conversion!

And that was my amazing week. See you all later!

Elder Bishop

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