Monday, August 18, 2014

Week of August 18

Well, this week I don't really have much to say, because we were stuck in the house most of the week. Elder Imperador was really sick, and President ordered him to rest in the house for a few days. We did find a pretty cool family, though!

So basically, this week passed by really slow, because we had nothing to do in the house. So I read a bunch, and ate a bunch, and read a little more, and so on and so forth. 

Oh yeah, and Cleiton drove us to the hospital when Elder Imperador needed it. He also came to pick us up when it was about 11:30 PM. I love that man. 

So the head of the family that we found is the nephew of the First Counselor, and he's already been to church many times in the past. His wife (yes, they're married!), Erika, has never really gotten involved with any sort of religion, but after the first lesson, she appeared very excited! Their son was just recently born, and they both said that they were searching for a good solid foundation with which to raise their kid. I love opportunities like this! I told them that I knew that there was nothing better to construct a family with than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We then taught how the Gospel was restored to the Earth, and how they now have the opportunity to learn more and understand the great Plan of Happiness that God made for us. I'm really excited for this family.

Well, that's it for this week. Until next time! 

Elder Bishop

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