Monday, December 22, 2014


Merry Christmas everyone! Last week, when I recieved the message that I would be serving here in Dias Macedo, our p-day had already almost ended, so I had to run and pack my bags quick! However, my first week here in Dias Macedo has been great! My area is part of the Aerolandia ward, which is the oldest ward here in Fortaleza. It´s where it all started here in lovely Ceará! Our Bishop literally lives two doors down, and we have a few awesome recent convert families that are our neighbors. However, we all live really far from the Chapel. And so, the plan is to split the ward and start a branch here in Dias Macedo. Hopefully I´ll be able to help with this!

My new companion is Elder Calisaya, from Peru. I actually saw him arrive here on the mission, as his first area was in Estaca Litoral, in which Ala Ômega resides. Unfortunately, my poor companion was basically melting with fever the whole week. However he´s doing a lot better.

I am now the District leader of six Sisters, and the Zone Leaders here in Estaca Aldeota! It´s pretty cool. The Zone Leaders are actually serving in the Aerolandia ward also, only they live a lot closer to the chapel. We eat lunch with them everyday.

Also, this week we had our Mission Christmas Conference! It was pretty awesome.I FINALLY got to see Elder Brooks again! I haven´t seen him since he left Ala Ômega! Also, I got to see Elder Imperador. He´s doing great! Then every other Elder that I know was there, so it was pretty awesome.

And that´s it for my week! FELIZ NATAL!!!!

Elder Bispo

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