Monday, December 8, 2014


Hey everyone! We got a fridge! I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but it's been five weeks since our fridge broke, and we just got a new one today. I thought you would have all liked to know. It's really nice to have a fridge.

Anyway, this week was pretty cool. We are contacting like madmen, and we are starting to develop a lot of techniques and suchlike so people don't run away from us (just kidding, that stopped happening). We also have a free baptism this week! Let me explain.

There is this kid in the ward, whose family is all members, and who recently turned twelve. So the Bishop of the ward went to search for his member record in the registers of the Church, so he could be ordained a Deacon, and guess what?! This kid doesn't have a member record! It looks like the Elders that baptized this family must have misplaced his membership document thing. And you know what that means? The Church basically doesn't recognize him as a member! So we have to baptize him again. Whoo!

Also, our investigators are progressing well, and we are expecting a lot of success in the future. 

That's the week! Tchau!

Elder Bispo

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