Monday, July 20, 2015


Hello everypeoples! Tranfers came and I will be staying here in Tancredo Neves until I finish my work here in Fortaleza. This is my last transfer, and I´m determined to make it one of my best. We´ve set some pretty high goals, and we´re excited to try and meet them. I sincerely believe that we will see many miracles this transfer.

Last transfer was pretty difficult for us, however this next one has some great potential. Unfortunately, neither Eliseudo or Samara were baptized this week. However, they continue to progress in the gospel, and have accepted to prepare themselves for this first week of the transfer. We are hoping that they both will be able to accomplish this goal.

In our Zone this past week, one of our missionary couples baptized fifteen people. That is quite a feat! I have never seen anyone baptize so many people in just one week. Just when I thought that I had seen everything that our mission has to offer, I was surprised once more. We are extremely happy for these Elders and this remarkable event that they were able to witness. The gospel of Christ truly does have the power to change.

And that was our week. Tchau!

Elder Bispo

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