Monday, July 6, 2015


Hello everyone! This week was crazy! We found so many cool people that are super prepared for baptism. Unfortunately, almost none of these people were able to go to church. Mainly because of the rain this last Sunday. 

The culture here in CearĂ¡ is different in many aspects, from the culinary spectrum to the warm and inviting people. However, there is one part of the culture that all missionaries fear, especially on Sundays; the people´s reaction to rain. At any sight of rain, the common CearĂªs will quickly flee to cover, seeking refuge from this disturbance in the generally calm climate. The rain seems to have a strange effect of causing a great slumber over the people. This effect has also been observed while waving a very agitated cat in front of a narcoleptic dog´s face. So, once the day shows any signs of rain, you can be sure that no one will ever leave their home for any reason. So, when it rains on Sunday, that means that absolutely no one wants to go to church. It complicates quite a lot of things.

However, this Sunday, we did have five of our investigators at church. That was quite a miracle. So we´re pretty happy. 

And this week, we will be fighting to baptize Eliseudo! This man is a great example of how well the Holy Ghost carries our messages to the hearts of our investigators.

That´s all, folks.

Elder Bispo

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