Monday, July 13, 2015


Hello everyone! So this week was awesome. We accomplished just about all of our goals. And Fátima, the mother of a less active member, was baptized this Sunday. It was quite a miracle. Here´s her story:

So, I had actually taught Fátima with Élder Peressute. However, her husband was really sick and she wasn´t ever able to go to church. She had accepted baptism and everything. However, because she wasn´t able to go to church, she also wasn´t able to baptized. 

Two weeks ago Fátima´s husband unfortunately passed away. Fátima was very sad, but she came to us with the determination to be baptized as soon as possible. We explained more about the Plan of Salvation, and she felt the spirit testifying very strongly to her about the gift of Eternal Families. Her daughter and son-in-law also felt the great need to have an Eternal Family. The three have established a goal to go to the temple to have their family sealed for time and all eternity. In preparation for their visit to the temple, Fátima was baptized. All of them are quite happy and determined to meet their goal. It is wonderful how the Plan of Salvation unifies families in righteousness.

And that is the highlight of the week.

Elder Bispo

P.S.- After the baptismal service I took a really awesome pic with a pig.

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