Thursday, December 12, 2013

Letter for Dec 9

Well, you won't believe what Elder Pimentel and I did this week. While at the Reynold's household (members in one of the wards we cover), I partook of the most devilish food in all the world. I ate a ghost chili. This thing just looked evil, and I ate it! I believe that the more instinctual part of my brain took over for the following 15 minutes, because I have no recollection of what I did during that period of pain. All I remember is the sensation of someone lighting off fireworks in my mouth, and then the immediate feeling as if I had chewed on napalm, like it was candy. After that, I kicked into auto-pilot mode. That consisted of sipping on milk for a loooong time. Oh yeah, and trying not to cry. The Reynolds have a video of all of this. They tried to send it, but their internet wouldn't upload the file. Someday I hope you will all be able to see it. 

Anyway, this week went pretty good. It was still a little slow, but this time it was because everyone was sick. We got a new investigator, though! Her faith is amazing. She has taken all of our commitments, and we've set a baptismal date with her. She hasn't received an answer to her prayers yet, but she continues on praying and reading the Book of Mormon. We've been meeting with her at a member's home, who have been fellow-shipping her, and they've been wonderful too! Brother Haney, the member, shared with Johnny, our investigator, a very sweet story about his children's response to the Christmas story. His oldest daughter, 4 years old, after hearing about Christ's birth, said she wanted to invite Christ to her birthday party. Brother Haney asked her "How will you invite Him?" to which she responded "We'll ask Him to come!" Brother Haney, touched by her response, continued talking, and asked her "How will He come?" His daughter, a little perplexed at the question, just looked at her dad and simply said "You open the door." This story really brought the Spirit to the room, and Johnny felt it as well. She has children of her own, but she hasn't seen them in a long time. We are trying to help her get back on her feet so she can see them again. We felt prompted to tell her that as she continues down the strait and narrow path, she will be able to see her kids again. I'm very excited to see her continue to progress!

Well, those are the highlights of the week! I'm looking forward to telling everyone about next week!

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