Thursday, December 12, 2013

November 25,

It isn't quite as cold here as it gets in Kansas, but it's also really windy! The worst it has been was 27 degrees, but the members here are really nice and they are letting me borrow some warm clothes. The wind is really the worst here. Everything is so flat! People say Kansas is flat, but they haven't seen Twin Falls! My area is a biking area, and biking on flat, windy roads isn't the funnest thing to do. I am getting crazy strong legs though!
Elder Pimentel and I are getting along great! Our mission president told us that he thinks the visa waiters are some of his best missionaries, which is funny because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing! I am Elder Pimentel's first trainee, and I think he is doing an awesome job. I bet President Curtis was talking about Elder Pimentel when he said that. He is a great missionary, and yes, we've been able to speak Portuguese to each other. 
Thank you for the package! The cookies were great, and the exercise equipment was definitely needed. For some reason I didn't get any exercise equipment! Maybe they stopped giving those out because there was too many missionaries. Anyway, I really appreciated the letters, too. Thank you Carson and Jessie for the rainbow loom bracelets! Sadly, I can't wear them, because our mission president only allows us to wear watches. 

Keep up the good work with that list! I'm really glad you thought Ender's Game was good. I'm really excited to see that. It's one of my favorite books, so I was a little worried that they wouldn't make the movie right. 
I heard you got a tutor for school. Hopefully that will make High School easier for you! 
Keep up the letters lil bro! I really enjoy them! 

Keep up the gymnastics, sis! I heard you mastered your roundoff back-handspring! That's awesome! It sounds like you're doing real well in school too. Keep it up! Thanks for the rainbow loom bracelets! They're really pretty. 

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