Monday, December 2, 2013

Second Week in Twin Falls

It's been a long, slow week. Lots of our investigators went to visit their families for Thanksgiving, so we haven't had much to do. Elder P. and I did find some very strange and sudden service opportunities. The Lord definitely works in mysterious ways! Hopefully what we've been able to do this week opened up the hearts of some to the gospel. 

While we were out contacting on our bikes one day, an old man saw us and called to us to come help him. When we got to him, the man asked us if we were Mormon missionaries. We replied "Yes," and he immediately exclaimed "It's a good thing I called out to you!" Then he explained that his receiver dish for his T.V. had fallen down again, so he asked if one of us could climb onto the top of his trailer and hook it back up. Elder Pimentel climbed up the trailer ladder and got the receiver to work again, then climbed down. The old man came over to give us some money, but when we told him about how we believe in service, he put away the money and chuckled to himself. He then turned to us, with a glint in his eye, and said "Well, I'm Catholic, so don't tell anyone that I let the Mormon missionaries give me service. They'll think I'm planning on converting!"
Later on in the week, while we were sitting at home trying to find work to do, our neighbors, Jason and Scott, came over and asked us if we'd seen their friend. They were helping another neighbor move out, and when they came back, their friend was missing. We sort of live in the ghetto, so the fact that he was missing was a little scary. We helped them look for a little while, but we couldn't find him anywhere. Elder Pimentel and I had to leave the search to go to an appointment, but we told them we would pray for their friend. The next day they told us that their friend was alright, and that he had gone home and forgot to tell them. After they told us the good news, we talked a little bit about religion, and Jason actually said he wanted to quit smoking, so hopefully we can help him out with that. And then we played around with their Zippo lighters (apparently Elder Pimentel can do some really cool tricks with a Zippo lighter).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Elder P. and I surprisingly only had one Thanksgiving dinner! Brother Young, our ward mission leader, invited us over to eat with his family, and we stayed there a good amount of the day. President told us not to overstay our welcome for the Thanksgiving holiday, but hey, the Young's were super welcoming the whole time! Every time we were getting ready to go, they would bring out another game and ask us to play. We played some fun games with them, like Lightning Reaction. If you have not played this game, I would implore you to do so. Let me explain. This game is a test of reaction time. A button in the middle of  the game flashes red, and when it turns green, you have to press a button on your rod. Whoever presses their button last, gets a nasty shock. It was SO funny! But quite a bit painful if you lost.

Well, that's my week! Stay tuned!

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